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Françoise Toumpsin

Hello everybody !

My name is Françoise Toumpsin and I live in Belgium.

When I was eigtheen, I decided to study at university where I graduated. Then I got married and decided to spend some time taking care of my children. I also spent a few hours a week doing voluntary work such as visiting old, sick, and lonely people who needed some warm attention. Listening to them was a revelation to me. It was great to meet them !

These contacts led me to a personal investigation concerning my own future: I wanted to make some positive changes in my life ! My children didn’t need a full-time mum at home any more and I was ready to make new plans. I knew my heart wanted to contribute to the well-being of other people but I didn’t know how I could achieve my goal !

I then decided to study kinesiology because it seemed to me a very interesting way to approach everybody positively.

I started my studies in Rixensart and I attended various sessions and workshops in the I.B.K. (the Belgian Kinesiology Institute).

This very complete formation gave me the opportunity to collect a large amount of techniques, which enabled me to create my own way of practising kinesiology.

I successfully passed all the exams and I’m now a graduated Professional Kinesiologist (I.B.K. - I.K.C.) (Institut Belge de Kinésiologie – International Kinesiology College).

Now, when people come for a session, I can contribute to their well-being by using appropriate tools to re-establish a well-balanced energy throughout their body ! Little by little, they start feeling better and they often gain in self-confidence in many aspects of their personal life !

It’s a great human experience for everybody !

If you are willing to attend a session in Belgium, you are welcome in my office !
If you are English-speakers, I can manage to speak English as far as possible !

Best regards !

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